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Simon Yates - The Wild Within An Illustrated Presentation
Simon Yates - The Wild Within
Saturday 20th Oct 2012 7:45PM

‘All mountaineers develop differently. Some go higher, some try ever-steeper faces and others specialize in a particular range or region. I am increasingly drawn to remoteness – to places where few others have trod.’

In a career spanning nearly thirty years Simon Yates’ climbing and travelling has taken him from Alaska in the west to Australia in the east, from the Canadian Arctic in the north to the tip of South America.

He first came to prominence as a mountaineer in 1985 after the first ascent of the West Face of Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes and the ensuing epic descent described in Joe Simpson’s book ‘Touching the Void’ and the 2003 docu-drama of the same name.

For the last ten years Simon has climbed in some of the worlds most remote, uninhabited and inaccessible mountain ranges - his desire to visit these places complemented by an increasing appreciation of physical isolation and the commitment of climbing in such places with just a single companion.

This period has been one of the most productive of his mountaineering career with notable first ascents in The Cordillera Darwin in Tierra del Fuego, The Wrangell St-Elias on the Alaskan-Yukon border and in Eastern Greenland. Simon will take the audience on a journey to these remarkable places and share with them the drama, excitement and beauty of modern exploratory mountaineering.

Told in his usual understated and dry humorous style, Simon offers a rare insight into these seldom visited mountain regions, accompanied by stunning images collected on his travels.

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